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Becky Prutisto Testimonial

“I joined Mike’s team as an Instructional Writer creating eLearning courses this year. I wrote courses, storyboarded lessons, then passed them on to Mike. He took my lessons and gave them life with his illustrations. I was always particularly impressed with how accurately he could conceptualize something he had not seen. He would read through my lessons, visualize machinery and products based on my descriptions, and begin working. When he shared with our group he was always on point and he was very receptive to feedback. Mike’s talent as a graphic designer is unmatched in his detailed and accurate work. As a collaborator, Mike was great to work with. He was approachable, asked questions, answered questions, and was always open to feedback. Mike wants his work to be exceptional, and it is. Anyone who gets to work with Mike and utilize his skills as a graphic designer should consider themselves incredibly fortunate.”

~ Becky Prutisto
Instructions Writer at iA

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