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Customer Feedback


I joined Mike’s team as an Instructional Writer creating eLearning courses this year. I wrote courses, storyboarded lessons, then passed them on to Mike. He took my lessons and gave them life with his illustrations. I was always particularly impressed with how accurately he could conceptualize something he had not seen. He would read through my lessons, visualize machinery and products based on my descriptions, and begin working. What he shared with our group was always on point and he was very receptive to feedback. Mike’s talent as a graphic designer is unmatched in his detailed and accurate work. As a collaborator, Mike was great to work with. He was approachable, asked questions, answered questions, and was always open to feedback. Mike wants his work to be exceptional, and it is. Anyone who gets to work with Mike and utilize his skills as a graphic designer should consider themselves incredibly fortunate.

Rebecca Prutisto

Instructional Writer at iA

Knowledge & Expertise

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike over the past year and a half creating eLearning courses. Mike is not only an incredibly gifted graphic designer, but has also become a mentor. Mike’s illustrations are precise, representing each and every detail associated with the idea. His easy going demeanor made him a joy to work with as he would listen and bring the ideas to life. With Mike’s years of experience of design, he was able to help navigate the project in a way that was suitable to everyone while sharing his expertise in the field. I will use the knowledge that he gifted me to ensure future projects run smoothly. I highly recommend Mike for any and all graphic design work. He is a pleasure to work with and produces high quality work.

Rebecca (Rundell) Keefe

Director, People Development at iA

Enjoyable to Work With

Mike did a great job getting my website built and with his pleasant demeanor was really enjoyable to work with. In reviewing his creative drawing and illustrations, he is a remarkable talent.

Tony Baumgartner

Business Leader | Strategist | Advisor at ClearPoint Business Advising

Tremendous Asset

Mike is a very talented web designer and a phenomenal person with which to work. He worked extremely well with the creative department to integrate print and web design into a cohesive creative campaign, and even on the smallest project. I feel lucky to have had the pleasure of working with Mike for the last 9 years, he is a great friend. He will be a tremendous asset for the company that finds him!

Dawn Dyer DeBellis

Director of Traffic and Print Production | Scout & Cellar Clean-Crafted Wine Consultant

Team Player

This is one of the easiest recommendations I’ve ever written: Mike is the most talented Web artist/designer with whom I have worked in my professional career. His creativity is unparalleled, and he meets deadlines every time. Mike is a total team player who always uses his skills to help the group reach the common goal. He’s also one of the classiest gentlemen you’ll ever meet. Mike would be an instant valued asset for any organization.

Paul Kelly

Director of Editorial at Penske Entertainment Corp.

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