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Some of my customers asked for a website designed with easy use, straightforward content, and easily updated. This is where my experience in User Interface design plays in creating a website that addresses these requirements and more. Often, I will sit down with a customer beforehand to talk about the functionality of the final website, how often it will be updated, and explain that I prefer training them in on-site management, whether they have intentions towards website updates on their end or if they feel more comfortable having me make updates. Below are a couple of case studies from recent projects.

Scott Campbell Custom Homes

Scott has been building custom homes for over 30 years in the midwest with several awards and accolades to his name. He requested a website that showcased his unique home designs covering all areas of his amazing design sense. It was going to be a very media rich website with plenty of photographs to show visitors the depth of his design teams abilities.

It was imperative that the final website work on all platforms and in doing so continue to convey his design sense.

What sets Scott’s designs are in their uniqueness, warmth, and comfortable nature so showcasing these lended to both evening and daytime photographs to mirror the complete usefulness we all feel about our own homes.

To view the complete site, click here.

ClearPoint Business Advising

I take a lot of pride working with business start-ups and ClearPoint Business Advising is a prime example of a business focused on growth and focused customer service.

The objective with this website is to clearly explain the business offerings on a level that meets the viewer face-to-face, not talking down to them.

The tagline sets the tone for this website look and feel: Clear Direction…Practical Solutions.

To view the complete site, click here.

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